Welcome to the World of Dreams

    What is that story that runs into your mind whenever you fall asleep? What is that state when you know you are not present in the real world, but a world where everything seems different? What is the name of the place where you land when you close your eyes and surrender to the warmth of your cotton sheets?

    Dream; dreaming and dreamland!
    Every individual in this world, dreams. Right form the time a baby takes birth to the time he turns old and leaves the world on the horse of Grim Reaper; he dreams. From the homeless woman to the queens, every person floats in the land of dreams, despite his position, his designation and even his mental condition.

    But what is dreaming? What is it all about? You wonder.
    If you are looking for a literal definition for this term, it is nothing but a chain of thoughts, different images and unique sensations that occur when an individual is sleeping. His mind takes him to a whole new world where he is free to do what he wishes to and even decide about his next step.
    Philosophically, the state of dreaming has different meanings. Some philosophers say a dream is a mental state, whereas there are others that say a dream is nothing but what you wish to achieve.
    Personally, I know dreams are much more than just sensations, mental states and goals. A dream not only connects you to your past, but also portrays your present condition and predicts your future. It is an indication for you to be aware of what’s going to happen and, sometimes, also a message from people you don’t know or don’t exist in your life anymore. These people can be anyone – your deceased grandparents, parents, lover or even your stillborn baby, who couldn’t take birth from you womb. Sometimes, dreams are beautiful; sometimes, they are nightmares.

    Are dreams connected to the real life?
    To a certain extent, yes!
    Most of the dreams that you see, especially during midnights, are connected to your waking life. It is because of our conscious and sub-conscious minds that we are divided into two worlds – one that we all live in; the other in which we are in our dreaming state.
    Every individual in this world has a simple logic – he searches for help and answers to those problems as well as questions that negatively affect his life. But what he doesn’t know is that he himself has the capability to resolve his problems and answer his own questions. The only person he needs to approach is himself.
    When you read quotes like “believe in your dreams,” what do they really mean? It is simple – they motivate you to believe in yourself because when you dream, it is your sub-conscious mind trying to pull you out of your problems or interact with you to be prepared for something that may change your life either positively or negatively.
    While most of the people ignore their dreams, I suggest my readers to make a Dream Slambook. All you’ve got to do is write down everything that you remember about your dream in a book, which you place right next to your bed before sleeping. This is the first thing to do in the morning so that you don’t forget the important things that you’ve dreamt of.
    Although several people think that trusting your dreams or taking your dreams as some predictions is superstitious, I believe that there can be nothing more logical than your dreams.

    Following are some of the dreams that people commonly have:
    • Drowning in water – How many times do you wake up feeling choked? I know drowning in water is more like a nightmare, but it has a very deep meaning. It means that there’s something going on in your life to which you have unwillingly surrendered. Arranged marriage? A project your partner has forced you into? A broken relationship for which you were never prepared? Could be anything.
    • Being chased – It doesn’t matter if you are being chased by an alien or a murderer in your dream, there’s only one meaning attached to this sort of a dream – you are running away from your responsibilities in your real life. Have you recently turned into a parent? Are you paying enough attention to your pregnant wife? Does your mother need you? Ask yourself.
    • Unable to finish your exam – The bell has rung and the professor is collecting the papers; you are yet to finish your answer. Such a dream means you have left something incomplete in your waking life and you must complete it because it may bring positive results to you.

    All I can say is that one must never be afraid of what he dreams, for a dream is an insight into your waking life. Try remembering your dreams as much as you can!