Dreams Interpretation of Kittens

Kittens are beautiful and whenever you see a kitten walking somewhere, you make sure that you go to it and wrap it in your arms! When you see a group of kittens, you feel beautiful because there can be no other sight as pretty as this one.
Dreaming of kittens is generally good news for the dreamer. Kittens are babies or those little things that are recently brought into the world. For them, there's nothing else that matters more than their mother. No matter what they want, they make sure that they go to their mother and consider her opinion for the same.
Dreaming of kittens means that you are going to start something new in your life. You may be offered a few new projects and if you dream of healthy kittens, it means that these new projects are going to gain a lot of name and fame to you.
Dreaming of kittens also means start of a new relationship or meeting new people in life. If you dream of playing with kittens, it means that you are going to make a few new friends in your waking life. These new friends are going to be good to you all throughout your life.

A kitten represents playfulness, childhood, start of something new, new beginnings, new projects, new friendships or new love.
Dreaming of unhealthy kittens means that you are not paying much of attention to your new projects. Your conscience wants you to focus more on work, rather than wasting time in doing things that mean nothing to you.
Dreaming of healthy and playful kittens means that you are either going to meet new people or meeting a few old friends with whom you have spent good times as a little kid.

Most Common Kittens Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a kitten - Such a dream means that you miss your childhood the most and want to relive it.
Killing a kitten - Such a dream means that you are unable to see new opportunities in your waking life.
Playing with beautiful kittens - Such a dream means that you are going to take a break from your monotonous life.

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