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The meaning of the dream symbol: Zombies

Added: 2 September

Zombies can scare absolutely anyone. they are nothing but creatures to everyone. But as soon as you see a zombie, there's one thing that you can be relieved about - his speed. The best thing is that zombies usually don't run behind you, but take their own sweet time to increase their pace and come right next to you.
Dreaming of zombies can be both ¬funny as well as scary at the same time, depending on what kind of a dream you see. Zombies usually mean that there's something that you are still holding on to in your waking life. This something has died long ago and your conscience wants you to let it go from your mind or heart now.
Are you dwelling in the memories of an old relationship? Then you are bound to see dreams of zombies often. Remember one thing - no one can help you through an old relationship, than you - yourself.
Zombie dreams also mean that you are in some sort of a problem in your waking life. This problem is either increasing on its own, or you are simply ignoring it. It is time for you to face the problem and solve it, rather than running away from it.

A zombie represents sadness, dwelling over past affairs, disconnection from the others around you, lifelessness, feeling left-alone and missing the old times.
Dreaming of being friends with zombies means that you are missing all of those times that you've spent with your old friends. You are probably not in touch with some of these friends and you are missing them terribly.
Dreaming of being chased by zombies means that you have not forgotten your past till now. It is time for you to let go and forget all those memories that keep hurting you, deep down inside.

Most Common Zombies Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a zombie - Such a dream means that you feel detached from people around you.
Seeing a known person as a zombie - Such a dream means that you do not feel the same connection between you and this person in your waking life.
Killing a zombie - You have forgotten your past and now moving on, if you see such a dream.