Dreams Interpretation of Zebra

Zebra dream is the symbol of topsy turvy feeling. In simple words, when things look upside down, the colors of zebra in dreams indicate if things would be good, bad or both. There is more to talk about these dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Zebra dreams are one of the most precise dreams in life. They indicate whether the situations are difficult or smooth. The strips of zebra are a clear indicator of good or bad. White is the color of peace and black is the color of darkness. This makes it easy to analyze the dream with the current situation of life.
Zebra dreams also signify people`s fate. These dreams help us to know whether our decisions will bring positive result or a negative outcome. If the strips in dream make you confuse about how you can relate these to your real life, then the below scenarios will help you.
- To see a zebra in a zoo
- Riding a zebra
- To see a zebra flying
- Zebra chewing plants
- Attacked by zebra
- Only black zebra
- Only white zebra
It is easy to analyze the last two dream situations based on the color explanation above. Zebra dreams mostly bring good fortune. To get attacked by a zebra in dream may mean that your current decisions will pose some challenges in future life. To see a zebra on safari in dream is a sign that you will gain some knowledge on a new skill.

Most Common Zebra Dreams:
Flying zebra: A dream in which you see a flying zebra means you will enjoy good fortune in the coming days. Do things that you love the most in this period.
Riding a zebra: Riding a zebra means your fortune is in your hands. Any decision that you take will bring good luck to you. This is more related with monetary gains.
Sick Zebra: This dream signifies misfortune and ill health. You may suffer through some stress related to monetary losses and this will also hamper your health. Nothing lasts forever and so, this will pass too.

This signifies that the dreamer will suffer from a severe illness or fatal accident in the future.

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