Dreams Interpretation of Wine

Wine is more of a feminine drink, or so they say! Most of the women prefer wine over other kinds of drinks because it is still a lot better in taste (I am talking about the sweetened wine) as compared to other liquors.
Dreaming of wine portrays your feminine qualities. If you are a woman and you dream of drinking wine, it depicts your sexual needs. Generally, women who are not paying attention to their sexual needs drink red wine in their dreams, enjoying the pleasuring taste of the alcohol. Such a dream is nothing but a signal for all those women, who have been ignoring their sexual thirsts.
Dreaming of drinking red wine may be a positive or a negative sign, depending on what kind of a dream it is. If you dream of drinking red wine by wish or choice, it means that you are going to get some positive news and energies in your life. On the other hand, if you are forced to drink red wine in your dream, it depicts sins. You are going to be in trouble for the sins that you have either already committed or will commit in future.

Wine represents feministic behaviors, sexual pleasures, sins, good and bad deeds and addiction to something.
If you see yourself drinking wine directly from the bottle, it means that you are terribly addicted to something in your life. I don't mean to say that you are addicted to alcohol or cigarettes. even if you are a workaholic person, you are bound to get red wine dreams.
Dreaming of bathing in red wine indicates sexual feelings. You are drawn towards someone in your waking life. These feelings may or may not be reciprocated, but you are enjoying the intoxicating effect of imagining about your crush.

Most Common Wine Dreams:
Spitting red wine - You were lured by someone to commit a sin, but you resisted the temptation. This is depicted by such a dream.
Throwing red wine - You are giving up on all the materialistic pleasures in life, if you get such a dream.
Receiving wine as a gift - Someone's trying to lure you in your waking life, if you get such a dream. Drinking wine alone - If you are happy drinking wine in your dream, it means that you are going to gain health and wealth in the coming future.
Making wine - Such a dream means that you are being spiritualistic strong in your waking life.
Drinking wine in illness - If you are ill in your waking life and you drink wine in your dream, it indicates recovery.

The interpretation of wine in a dream depends on the particular culture: Some interpret wine as a sign of abundance, while others see it as a symbol of drunkenness and failure. Usually it means that the dreamer can expect family celebrations.

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