Dreams Interpretation of Wind

Wind is not something that settles in one place. it is something that believes in dancing on every leaf and filling every pore of your skin with its intangible presence. No one can imagine a life without air, because there's absolutely no way you can survive without it!
Dreaming of wind indicates your need to rejuvenate yourself. Dreaming of fresh and calm wind means that you want to take a break from your regular routine and do something different in your life. You have been struggling hard, thanks to which you have saved a good amount of money in your account. Now, you want to go and do different things. However, there's something that's stopping you to do so - probably the responsibility that is loaded on your shoulders!
Dreaming of flowing with the wind indicates flowing with the time. You are someone who takes life as it comes. You are neither pushed by the setbacks nor overly happy with the victories in your life. You surely know how to balance your emotions and hence, there's no one who can harm your self-respect or lure you by offering you to be more stable in your life.

Wind represents intelligence, freedom, flowing with the time, natural calamities and even destruction.
If you see a windy storm, it surely indicates destruction. There's something bad that's coming like a storm in your way. Don't panic - just like all those bad days that pass away from life, so will these.
Dreaming of escaping a heavy wind or something like a tornado means that you are trying your best to escape from your problems. You tried standing in the middle of your life's path and face every situation, but it all seemed impossible in the end.

Most Common Wind Dreams:
Dancing with the wind - Such a dream indicates happiness in life. If you dance with the wind, i.e. something that you can only feel, you have found internal and eternal' peace.
Blowing wind - Dreaming of blowing wind means that you are someone with a lot of authorities in your hands.
Controlling the wind - Such a dream means that you know how to control your life.

A strong wind, one that causes the dreamer anxiety, is a sign that he will find it difficult to cope with everyday life. If the strong wind does not frighten him, it shows that he will be able to cope with problems easily and successfully.

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