Dreams Interpretation of Volcano

A volcano erupts when it is unable to control itself. It is a sign of destruction. Whatever gets on its way, it destructs the minutest existence of that thing.
Dreaming of a volcano is generally not a good sign. According to the Hindu culture, volcano is a sign of destruction that takes place when Lord Shiva (the destroyer) opens his Third Eye. Therefore, dreaming of a volcano may also mean the depth of your anger.
Have you been insulted at work? Have you found out about something that has terribly upset you? If yes, then you are bound to get such dreams.
Dreaming of volcano means that you have a lot of anger within your heart. Since it takes a lot of time for a volcano to burst out and erupt, the frustration that you are going through in your waking life is not a new one. Dreaming of a volcano means that your anger is now at the verge of coming out. The anger has now become vengeance and you are all set to take revenge from all those, who have never been good to you or your loved one(s).

A volcano represents anger, vengeance, revenge, emotions, hidden emotions, destruction and unpredictable situations in your waking life.
If you fear the eruption of volcano in your dream, it means that something terrible is about to take place in your life. No matter how hard you try to think about it, you won't guess it because that situation will be an unpredictable one, just like an unpredicted volcano.
Dreaming of getting burnt in volcano indicates anger and vengeance on someone else on you. Even though you are trying to be back in someone's life, he isn't ready to forgive you.

Most Common Volcano Dreams:
Pushing someone into the volcano - Such a dream means that you are trying to create misunderstandings between two people, in your waking life.
Escaping volcanic eruptions - You have done something terribly wrong to make someone angry, if you see such a dream.
Cooling volcano - Such a dream is an indication to be friends with an enemy.

The dreamer harbours an urgent need to control his emotions.

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