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The meaning of the dream symbol: Unicorn

Added: 2 September

Who doesn't like this fantasy creature? A unicorn is a beautiful creature that resembles a pony, but only with a horn on his forehead. As little kids, we make sure that we ride it at least once in our imagination. As we grow up, we don't pay attention to the existence of such creatures in our mind. however, they do exist in some part of our brains!
Dreaming of a unicorn is generally a good one. It depicts your innermost feelings and hidden emotions. Since unicorns are nothing but parts of fantasies, they depict what you think about your life and how you want to move ahead in it.
Dreaming of a unicorn means that you have high hopes from yourself and your life. However, it may alternatively mean that even though you have a lot of talents, you are not exploring most of them and letting go of your dreams. If there is something that you wish to do, but are not doing because of other pressures or responsibilities in life, it is time for you to discover your own happiness, rather than dwelling in things that you don't want to, anymore.

A unicorn represents fantasy, hopes, unrealistic expectations from life, one sided views over someone or something and judgmental attitudes towards a lot of people.
If you see yourself riding a unicorn in your dream, try remembering your mood. if you are not happy about the ride, you are being judgmental about someone in your life. Stop it at once since you are not doing justice to the presence of that person in your life.
Dreaming of talking to a unicorn and being happy about it means that you have not given up, even though you've gone through terrible problems in life.

Most Common Unicorn Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a unicorn - Such a dream means that you have a lot of unrealistic expectations from your life.
Riding a pink colored unicorn - You are surely in love, if you see such a dream. It may also depict the feministic attitude in you.
Killing a unicorn - Such a dream means that you are not happy about the way you have lived your childhood. This mythical animal is connected to virginity and sexuality in the dreamer's life.