Dreams Interpretation of Tree

What is that one thing that provides you with fresh air and oxygen to breathe? What is that one thing that silently stands tall on the ground to give you enough shade? What is that one thing that is living, yet stands firm like a non-living thing? Tree, of course!
Trees provide you with all that you can ask for - from air to breathe to fruits to eat, there's absolutely no one who can hate trees, even if he survives on non-vegetarian food.
Dreaming of a tree indicates a lot of things in your waking life. You are looking forward to get some good guidance and advice in your life, if you dream of sitting under the shade of a tree. It may also mean your need for protection. You fear something terribly in your life, but in the end, there's someone who is providing you with immense strength and guidance. Thus, you must not be as worried as you are, at present.
Dreaming of plucking fruits from the tree is, however, a bad sign. You are going to pay for your bad deeds.
Dreaming of a growing tree indicates the increase of family and social circle.

A tree represents family life, happiness, social circle, friends, colleagues, progress, strength, guidance, protection and inner-peace.
When you look at a beautiful tree, you feel good. Dreaming of a lovely tree indicates inner-peace and rock-solid strength that you possess in yourself. You are a very strong person and hence, you don't believe in searching for any help, even though you have a lot of well-wishers around you.
Dreaming of a barren or scary tree indicates loss of something that you have cherished all your life. It may also indicate a break-up with your lover or your business partner.

Most Common Tree Dreams:
Falling down from the tree - Such a dream depicts loss and disrespect in life. You are going to go through some sort of an embarrassment, if you see such a dream.
Eating leaves - Since most of the leaves have healing properties, such a dream may mean that you are going to recover from your illness.
Playing with someone around the tree - You miss your childhood friends in your waking life, if you see such a dream.

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