Dreams Interpretation of Travel

When you roam from one place to another destination, it is called traveling. You either travel on business purposes or on vacations. People generally plan to travel when they need to take a break from their regular chores.
Dreaming of traveling is generally a happy sign because people love to travel. However, it is essential for you to see where you are traveling to and whether you are enjoying traveling to another location or not.
You have a lot of ideas in your mind at the moment, if you dream of being in the middle of a journey. There are various things that you wish to explore and hence you are on your way to discover everything about yourself. Your conscience wishes to tell you to go on the path of self-discovery.
You possess a lot of hidden talents. some of the talents are so much unexplored that even you don't know about them. You have to make a Johari Window for yourself and find out which are the hidden talents that you must discover about yourself. Find out about your interests the day you dream about traveling to a distant location. Such a dream is generally a push for you to self-discovery.

Traveling indicates explorations, new changes, new opportunities, meeting new people on the way, finding new ways and discovering new things.
Dreaming of traveling with your family means that you must go on a family trip. If you have recently been on a vacation with your loved ones, such a dream means that you've had a beautiful time with them and your sub-conscious mind constantly thinks about planning another trip, soon!
Dreaming of traveling with friends means that your social circle is going to widen. You want to socialize with more people with whom you can go on vacations.

Most Common Travel Dreams:
Traveling in a sad mood - You will be forced to take up some new talents at work, if you see such a dream.
Traveling in a joyous mood with strangers - Such a dream indicates happiness and new prospects in life.
Traveling in a congested train - Such a dream means that you are going through a bad phase in your waking life.

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