Dreams Interpretation - Thor

Added: 4 September

Thor is an extremely popular superhero introduced by Marvel Comics. He comes with a hammer that can't be lifted by anyone else except for him. He is not from planet Earth and is an alien, who doesn't look like those ugly or scary monsters shown in other comics or movies.
If you are a Thor fan, it is possible for you to dream of him often. On the other hand, there are also those who are not huge fans of this comic character, yet they see him in their dreams.
Dreaming of Thor means that you are an extremely balanced person in your waking life. Take some time and analyze the character of this superhero. he is a brilliant man with the right kind of attitude. He is gentle to women and defensive to all those, who don't deserve to see his good side.
Thor has a hammer, which can be controlled by him and solely him. There's absolutely no one else who can even lift up this heavy thing. If you dream of lifting Thor's hammer, it indicates your strength and courage. It means that you are going to achieve something that currently seems impossible to you.

Thor depicts strength, courage, goals, balanced emotions, power and influential attitude.
Dreaming of walking with Thor means that you are an influential person in your waking life. People generally come to you to take suggestions and advices.
Dreaming of flying with this superhero depicts the amount of support you have for your current goal. If you see yourself happily flying with Thor, it means that you have sufficient support in your current project.

Most Common Thor Dreams:
Seeing yourself as Thor - Such a dream means that you have the powers to control your life. No matter how hard things seem to you, you always make and walk your own ways.
Making love with Thor - Such a dream means that you have a desire to be with someone in power. Are you luring someone with influential powers at work?
Fighting against Thor - You lack judgment or are finding it difficult to make a decision in your waking life, if you dream of fighting against this powerful superhero.

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