Dreams Interpretation - Teeth

Added: 4 September

Teeth dreams are symbols of anxiety and changing moods. These dreams give you depression and make you feel awful.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams

Many people often dream about teeth falling off or teeth crumbling in hands. These may be horrifying and difficult to accept as they bring lot of anxiety and depression after you wake up. Teeth itself is a symbol of beauty and attraction and so, anything that gives a bad news in dream is a sign of negativity.
Teeth dreams relate a fear of rejection, ignorance and sexual impotence. These are also signs of becoming old. Women who are nearing the menopausal stage often discuss about dreaming of falling teeth. Falling teeth make the women look unattractive and old.
Check if there is any kind of insecurity about your beauty that is disturbing you in mind. These fears could be related to old age, wrinkles on the skin, fading beauty etc However, you need to remember that beauty lies within. The more you think of good things in mind, the prettier you will look from outside. Take these dreams as signs of extra care that you may need to put on yourself.

Most Common Teeth Dreams:
Falling Teeth: As explained earlier, these are the most common dreams that represent fear of ageing. Perhaps, your dream is trying to convey you about the transition period or fall that may take place in the next few days.
To Cry Out of Toothache: A dream in which you were crying out of toothache means that you are likely to suffer from a gum or tooth related worry. It is important that you get your teeth examined at the dentist as soon as possible. This could be a sign for you to take extra care of your teeth to prevent any decay.
To Dream of Sparkling Teeth: This is a good sign in dream. It means that you will enjoy a good health. Take this as a hint that people are crazy at your sparkling teeth and cute smile. Take care of your teeth to sustain this beauty.

Dreaming about teeth or about a dentist warns of health problems. The dreamer should look after himself in the near future.

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