Dreams Interpretation of Ted Cruz

About Ted Cruz:
Rafael Edward ??Ted' Cruz is as popular as any other politician is, in his country. He is the junior United States Senator, who has stood in the race from Texas. He is, in fact, the first Hispanic American, who has served as a United States Senator on behalf of Texas. Along with this, he is also the chairman of the US Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, United States Senate Commerce Committee. He has always been praised for the kinds of inspirational words he has shared with his followers.

2016 Forecast:
Capricorns have gone through terrible problems in their family lives in almost all the earlier years. however, 2016 is going to be a little different for them. If they are planning to extend their families, 2016 will be a good year for them.
Cruz is going to meet someone new in 2016, with whom he can start or raise his family. If he is already dating someone, his bond with that woman is surely going to strengthen more. They will share an amazingly strong bond between each other.
Capricorns may find it difficult to believe in all the good things happening around them, since they have been going through a lot of hardships lately.
Cruz is going to experience good and positive things in both the parts of the year. In the first half of 2016, he may experience loss of energy, but this is going to change rapidly and positively in the second half of the year. This would help him work efficiently and move towards the goals that he has set for his life. 2016 will surely bring in positive changes to his life.
Capricorns may think like life is not moving the way they want to, in the first half of the year. However, as and when the months pass and they come closer to the second half of the year, they will be extremely delighted with all the things happening around them.
2016 will bring both, good and bad experiences for Cruz. He may have to keep a lot of patience in the first half of the year, since he may feel like things are not happening the way he has planned. However, in the second half, he will feel positive about all the things happening and hence will gain confidence in his field, once again.
Capricorns are often victims of mood swings. At one point, they are extremely happy, the very next moment, they are depressed or sad.
Cruz may go through severe mood swings in 2016. He may be happy, even when the things are really tough in his life, and he may seem extremely depressed, even during the best times of the year. One advice that I can give to Cruz is to be balanced in his life. he has to make sure that he remains positive about the things in his life.

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