Dreams Interpretation of Swallow

There are two different meanings of this word - while swallowing means gulping down the food or any liquid, swallow is also a bird that is a symbol of spring. Whenever the season of spring is about to scatter in the environment, swallow rises in the skies to inform people about the same.
Dreaming of swallowing food indicates hidden emotions. You are unhappy with your life, yet you are adjusting with everything in the surrounding. However, you can't live like this forever. There will be a time in future when you would boil and burst out at everyone.
On the other hand, if you dream of swallow, the beautiful bird, it means that you are going to welcome some good news in your life. This news is going to change your life completely. Swallow generally tells people to prepare themselves for the beautiful season of spring. therefore, you've got to be prepared for this positive change. For an instance, if you are working on a new novel, it is surely going to bring you a lot of name, fame and money.
Dreaming of swallowing or gulping down something that has been given by someone else means that you are living your life on someone else's terms and conditions.

Swallow indicates gulping, emotions, preparations, good news, spring, blossoming of new projects in life and hidden desires.
Dreaming of swallowing tasty and good food means that you are going to do something good for yourself. You have realized the importance of your life and hence you are going to work hard on and for yourself now.
Dreaming of the beautiful bird means that you are going to be positive in the coming time. Even if people try to put you down, you would be least bothered about them.

Most Common Swallow Dreams:
Killing or shooting a swallow - You are going to erase a flourishing project by your own hands, if you get such a dream.
Swallowing a lot of food at once - If you dream of swallowing a lot of food and then choking, it means that you are being extremely greedy in your life.
Seeing yourself as a swallow - Such a dream means that you have the ability to bring positive changes in everybody's lives.

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