Dreams Interpretation - Superman

Added: 4 September

Who doesn't like this superhero with a red cape around his neck? His symbol of S' speaks it all and there are a lot of girls that can do anything to take a ride around the globe with him! Superman is one of the strongest comic characters ever made.
Dreaming of superman is generally a good sign, especially if you see yourself being saved by him. If he saves you, it means that you are going to get through your bad times. Even if you are in the best times of your life, the tough times are on their ways and hence you will have to keep yourself prepared for the same. However, with your inner strength, you will cope-up nicely with them.
Dreaming of superman means that you have a lot of courage and bravery within yourself. You believe in Karmas and hence, you don't even think of doing the ill deeds in your life. Dreaming of this comic character saving someone else in your dream means that you are a very karmic person and you will soon be rewarded for your good deeds. Just let the time flow!

Superman depicts strength, bravery, courage, inner-peace, justice and helpfulness.
Dreaming of escaping an enemy or group of enemies with the help of superman depicts your need for support in your waking life. You are going through a hard time and hence you are searching for someone you can rely or depend upon. The best part is that you will get someone to help you in your tough times. Just keep hopes!
Dreaming of being superman's girlfriend indicates the power of your conscience. You have a strong sense of judging people.

Most Common Superman Dreams:
Seeing yourself as superman - Such a dream means that you are able to do justice to the others around you. Hence, people look at you with high respect.
Fighting against superman - Such a dream means that you are an over-confident person in your waking life. Try to balance your emotions, including your confidence levels.
Crying superman - Such a dream indicates depression and loss in your waking life.

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