Dreams Interpretation of Strawberry

Strawberries are enjoyed by almost everyone around the globe. From little kids to elderly people, who can't eat hard fruits, strawberries are loved by everyone. If you like strawberries, you are bound to see them in your dreams. However, there are different interpretations depending on the condition of the strawberries that you see in your dream.
If you are a woman and you see a bunch of strawberries in your dream, it depicts your sexual feelings. You have an urge to feel your lover's body next to you. From morning to night, you have sexual thoughts in your mind since a few days.
Strawberries remind you of your sexual needs. When you see them in your dream, it means that you have been away from sex since quite some time now and it is time for you to get back to the feelings and surrender yourself to your lover.
If you see a woman pressing a strawberry between her lips, it indicates enticement. Someone is trying to lure you towards him or her and you are strongly attracted to that person. But these feelings can put you in danger in the coming time so try avoiding them.

Strawberries represent sexual feelings, attraction, jealousy, enemies, passion and new love.
If you see yourself eating and enjoying strawberries in your dream, it means that you are finding love in your life. The best part is that you may get someone really soon in your waking life.
Dreaming of someone else eating strawberries means that either the person is jealous of you or you are jealous of him. Don't be worried - he doesn't mean any harm though.
Eating tasteless or rotten strawberries mean loss of love or mourning. You are dwelling in the memories of a long lost love.

Most Common Strawberry Dreams:
Eating tasty and juicy strawberries - Such a dream indicates sexual pleasures in life. You are either enjoying your sexual life or will get into a good sexual relationship.
Cutting strawberries - Such a dream indicates loss in life. It may also mean illness.
Large strawberries - Huge or large strawberries mean that you are extremely 'proudy.'

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