Dreams Interpretation of Storm

What does a storm make you go through in your real life? Problems? Sufferings? Every individual standing in the middle of a storm has to suffer. While some of the people are able to survive through any sorts of storms in their lives, there are others that can't stand even the most minor storm.
Dreams of storm represent your waking life. If you are going through hardships, you are bound to get such dreams. Such a dream depicts the current problems that you are going through. All those problems are making you weak in your waking life.
Dreaming of storm also means that you are going through the troubles alone. You have absolutely no one to guide you or help you through this bunch of problems that you are facing in your waking life.
If you dream of being lost in the storm, your problems have made you weak and petrified. You are unable to think about anything else, except for the things that you have seen and are seeing in your life. You are finding it difficult to think of solutions at the moment, because everything is coming all at once.

A storm represents difficulties, problems, loneliness, strength, weakness and depression.
Dreaming of standing alone in the storm indicates your strength. If the storm is unable to scare you, it depicts your strong attitude towards life. No matter how hard the problem tries to hit you, you stand firm because you know that there's absolutely nothing that you can't face in your life.
Dreaming of being scared in the storm indicates your attitude towards your problems. You have given up because your strength has diminished.
If you dream of protecting someone in the storm, it means that you are a very protective person in your waking life.

Most Common Storm Dreams:
Escaping the storm - Such a dream means that you are going to get rid of your problems, soon.
Crying in the storm - Such a dream means that you have terribly given up in your life. You are DONE facing the problems with your will-power!
Surrendering in the storm - Such a dream means that you are doing absolutely nothing to protect yourself from the problems that you are going through in your waking life.

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