Dreams Interpretation of Stars

The stars rise in the sky, when there is absolutely nothing else left, to help you see path in darkness. Even when there is no moon at times, stars shine and give you the glimpses of the universe, which is vast, dark and mysterious.
Stars also possess your destiny, allowing the astrologers to know which zodiac sign exists in which constellation and how their existence influences the behaviors of people.
Dreaming of stars may mean a lot of things. If you are happy in your dream after looking at the beauty of the stars, you are going to achieve success in your life. You are going to turn into a star (a famous personality) for the work that you are doing in your waking life.
Dreaming of a star also means visit from a deceased loved one. Have you recently lost someone to the hands of death? If yes, then such a dream means more than you can interpret or analyze. Your loved one is trying to communicate with you. Try seeing all the things that you can see in your dream in order to analyze what your loved one, who has travelled to the other side, is trying to say to you.

Stars represent achievements, name, fame, reputation, death, deceased loved ones, an unheard wish, a fulfilled wish and your future.
Dreaming of playing with the stars means that you are going against your destiny. This can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, a strong individual has the power to change his destiny, with the help of his brilliant skills and confidence level.
Dreaming of a shooting star indicates an unheard prayer or a heard wish. If there is something that you have been desperately waiting for, it may come true.

Most Common Stars Dreams:
Falling stars - Dream of falling stars depict passing of time. The time is passing by too quickly and you feel like you are unable to have any control over it.
Shooting star - If you are pregnant, you are bound to get a shooting star dream, since it means new birth.
Zodiac sign - If you dream of a constellation, read about that zodiac sign. It may mean that you are going to have a new friend or a new enemy.

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