Dreams Interpretation of Spring

There are two different meanings of this word - spring, the season and spring, the object that bounces when pressed. Your dream may mean both of these terms or one of them, depending on what kind of a dream you see.
Spring is the season of happiness. All the flowers, leaves, plants, trees, vegetables and fruits start blossoming. Dreaming of this season is one of the most beautiful things you'd ever see in your life, because it reminds you of the nature that you are surrounded by.
Dreaming of spring indicates new beginnings and start of new projects. If you have been thinking of starting something new, like a new project or a new business, this dream is an indication for you to put your thoughts into reality so that you are able to progress in life.
No matter what kind of a business you would start up with, it is bound to flourish beautifully in the market, if you dream of spring.
On the other hand, dreaming of the object spring indicates the return of all those Karmas that you have done in your past.

Spring represents bouncing, start of something new, new beginnings, progress, blossoming of new things, birth, new life and business.
Dreaming of spring indicates pleasance in life. Just like you feel at peace when you see the flowers blossoming in nature, you feel amazing when you see a spring dream.
Dreaming of the object, spring, indicates bouncing back of all the deeds that you have done in your life. If you have done bad deeds or have hurt someone in the past, you are going to face the consequences of the same. On the other hand, if you have done good deeds in the past, you will be blessed.

Most Common Spring Dreams:
Flowers blossoming - If you see flowers blossoming in the season of spring in your dream, it is a very pious dream. If you have been trying to get pregnant, you will get some good news.
Season changing from autumn to spring - Such a dream indicates new beginnings.
Bouncing on the spring - If you feel scared while bouncing on the spring in your dream, it means that you fear your past.

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