Dreams Interpretation of Sparrow

Sparrow is the symbol of innocence, restlessness and freedom. The behavior of a sparrow relates a lot about your behavior towards your family. The dreams related to sparrows will explain you how.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Sparrows are symbols of dignity and pride. Their little appearance yet, restless nature can be quite inspirational for anyone. To see a sparrow in dream denotes joy in family life. It means you will cherish and enjoy even the little things with family.
To see a baby sparrow in dream indicates the birth of a newborn in the family. It is a good omen and gives lot of positive vibes after you are awake. To dream about trapping a sparrow represents that you are holding someone's freedom. This could be the freedom of your children if you are not allowing them to express their thoughts freely and expecting a lot from them.
To dream about a flock of sparrows indicate that you will achieve mass education in something. A flock of sparrows also represent your family bonding. Note down the different conditions in which your dream relates these sparrows.

Most Common Sparrow Dreams:
To Hold a Sparrow in Hands: To hold a sparrow in hands in dream indicates that you will meet a smart and successful person in life. This person will leave a lot of knowledge in your life for you to experience. Holding a sparrow also means that you wish to hold the cute and beautiful moments in life.
To see a Sparrow Sitting on the Window: To dream about a sparrow sitting on your house's window signifies pleasant time and greater opportunities. It means that you are likely to enjoy constant gains and profits in the near future.
To see Sparrow's eggs: To see a sparrow egg in dream indicates the flow of money in life. The dream also signifies that you will receive the rewards of your work. Seeing more than one egg represents constant flow of cash.
To Eat a Sparrow: To eat a sparrow in dream indicates end of friendship with someone close. The dream also signifies that you will inculcate all the innocence and cuteness of a sparrow.

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