Dreams Interpretation of Snow

Snow symbolizes a freezing point in life. Snow dreams indicate coldness and dry nature. You need to be smart enough to understand a close relationship between your snow dreams and real life situations.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Snow represents attraction, purity, relaxation and flexibility. The freezing of water to snow and melting in the form of water again relates to the flexible nature of a person. To see a snow mountain in dreams may relate your stubbornness in a particular situation. These dreams are indications that a change of a current situation is expected and things will take a new shape altogether.
Some beliefs related to snow also state that these dreams speak about growing old. Seeing a huge snow ball in dream reflects distress. To dream about a dirty snow is a bad omen. It denotes anxiety, failure, stress, insecurity and rejection. On the other end, to dream about a clean white snow denotes profits, purity, stability and peace.
Notice a few things in your snow dreams, as these are quite commonly experienced.
- Covered in snow
- Playing a snow sport
- Watching snow sports
- The melting of snow
- Snow flakes
- Fighting with the snow balls
- A snow mountain
- An avalanche of snow

Most Common Snow Dreams:
To be covered in Snow: To dream about being covered in snow is a sign of pure feelings. It means that you do not have ill feelings for anyone. This attitude will bring respect in others` heart for you.
To Fight in Snow: To dream about a snow fight is a sign of contentment. It means you really wish to relive those memories of childhood and engage in kiddie fights with your family and friends. Do not miss this moment of childish acts irrespective of whether it is snowing or not.
Snow Melting from the Mountain: To dream about a snow mountain melting is an indication of things getting out of your hands. You might face some situations where things will get out of control. These could be minor business losses or arguments with family members.

Any type of snow in a dream indicates extreme fatigue.

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