Dreams Interpretation of Snake

Snake is a symbol of sexual desires, fearful situations and possible threats in your life. If you learn to understand the supporting factors of your dreams, you will reach a deeper analysis of your dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Seeing snakes in dreams could not be considered a good omen. however these also reflect your suppressed sexual desires. The thought of snakes create fearful situations and thus, to see these reptiles in dreams are signs of a situation that you are fearful of.
The various issues and problems in your life may take form of snakes crawling over you and making you feel miserable. The snake's poison is known to be the strongest. Thus, these dreams may also alert you of those who try to poison your relations and progress.
Keep a few things about these dreams in mind for a deeper analysis:
- A snake bite
- Snake rolling around the body
- Many snakes
- A snake chasing you
- Killing a snake
- A person bitten by a snake
- Snake's poisonous
The main objective behind these dreams is to reflect your emotions and the way you react to different situations of life.

Most Common Snake Dreams:
Snake rolling Around the Body: This dream reflects your ongoing issues in marital life. It may also signify divorce, separation or betrayal in your marriage life. Snake rolling also represents a wild sexual fantasy. You may engage in a sexual intercourse with someone.
Bitten by a Snake: To dream about being bitten by a snake represents bitterness and emptiness in life. It also indicates that you are betrayed by a few people who were once your well-wishers. Learn from these mistakes and move on. Do not trust people in future blindly. Sometimes, the people do not show what they really are.
Many Snakes on the Floor: Many snakes on the floor indicate your internal fears. It means that some people are playing good conspiracies around you and it is only your patience, which will help you to succeed. Perhaps, it is time to break your fears and challenge your own desires. A good self-control will help you to come out of the worries easily.

A snake is a warning against falsehood. If one dreams about a snake bite, it means that someone close to him is lying to him and deceiving him. Killing a snake in a dream indicates the end of a friendship.

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