Dreams Interpretation - Sister

Added: 4 September

Sister dreams symbolize bonding, unity, inspiration, joy and respect. How you deal with your sister and what your sister expects from you is all what you would see in your dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Sisterhood symbolizes the way you handle your relationships, especially with your siblings. These dreams also relate your relationship with parents and how they behave with you and your sister separately. For instance, if you dream about your parent loving your sister, but not you, it means that you are missing your parent's love. If you are feeling isolated from your love you expect from your parent, talk to them and do things similar to your sister, so that you get equal acceptance.
Sister dreams may draw your attention towards your home affairs and expect you to stay connected to these. These dreams also symbolize how you feel for your sister. Fighting with your sister in dream means your differences with her. On the other side, hugging your sister in dream reflects your love for her and how much you care for your sister.
Analyze your sister's behavior in dream, so that you get a clear picture of these dreams in relation to your real life.

Most Common Sister Dreams:
To see Sister Crying: To dream about your sister crying indicates her hurtful feelings that she is going through. It could either mean that she is sad at heart. This dream also signifies that you have caused some painful remarks to her and she is hurt about it.
To Beat Sister: This is not really a good sign to see in dream. Beating your sister in dream signifies your ill feelings and bad intentions for her. It may be due to a jealous attitude or a feeling of competition against her.
To laugh with your Sister: This dream signifies your love and bonding with your sister. It means that you are going to enjoy an amazing time with your sibling ahead. Cherish these moments as family time is the best time ever. Pay attention to the little things you do. Sometimes, the little things bring a lot of happiness, such as. swinging together.

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