Dreams Interpretation of Shakira

About Shakira:
If there's a celebrity who knows how to sing, dance, choreograph and write - that's Shakira! There's no one who has not seen and appreciated the seductive belly moves that she makes. Everyone is a fan of this woman, considering the talents she is made up of. She has won several awards for her fabulous singing abilities and dance steps. From her Whenever, Wherever to her Hips Don't Lie, there has been an excellent journey for this woman.

2016 Forecast:
Shakira is an Aquarian, the one who belongs to the water. Most of the people belonging to this zodiac sign are going to be surprised by their own selves this year. They are going to explore some hidden talents in themselves.
If you are a management student, you surely know the concept of Johari window, wherein you make a chart of all those qualities about yourself that you know. it has a box of those qualities that you are unaware of. Shakira is going to explore some of the most hidden talents, which even she is not aware of. It is time for her to go on a journey to discover herself.
2016 is surely going to be a busy year for all the Aquarians out there, which means that Shakira is going to find it hard to cope-up with her personal and family life. She may try her best to take out some time for her kids and her partner, but she is going to find it hard to do so. No matter how hard she tries, she won't be able to get the best time out for her personal life.
However, most of the Aquarians are going to receive immeasurable support from their partners. Therefore, Shakira can expect a good amount of support from her partner.
As far as career is concerned, it is going to divert its line for the Aquarians this year. Most of the Aquarian celebrities are going to change their fields or divert their attentions to some other field, mostly related to art only. Since Shakira is already a well-known singer and dancer, she may explore or discover a few other sides of her talents this year.
Talking of money, Aquarians are not going to be short of money this year. Shakira is going to take new projects, thanks to the new talents that she would discover, due to which she will earn a huge amount of money.
There are chances for Aquarians to feel lonely this year, despite the efforts put in by their partners. Shakira may go through some emotional imbalances, which may lead to complications between her and her partner. However, by the end of the year, things will shape in a better way and her bond with her partner will strengthen like never before.
There's just one advice that I can give to Shakira to balance herself this year - even if you are unable to take out time for your family, try doing justice to your kids by being with them as much as you can.

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