Dreams Interpretation of Santa Claus

Santa Claus dreams denote wishes, desires, divinity, deeds and returns. The theory of these dreams is simple to understand, our deeds and efforts get us things that we strive for.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Santa Claus brings joy, happiness and excitement in life. Irrespective of the age, people love to see the Santa Claus more than his gift. This is because of his positive aura and peaceful personality. Santa Claus dreams may give you more hints of real life based on the other supporting factors. For instance, ringing bells signify new or fresh changes in life. These could be related to a new house, new car or new job.
Sometimes, Santa Claus dreams may bring negative news too. For instance, a dream in which people see Santa Claus in dirty dress is a sign or hardships. It means you will receive your rewards after a lot of hardship. On the other side, to dream about Santa Claus standing next to a Christmas tree is a sign of happiness coming your way.
It is important to notice the action of Santa Claus in dreams. For instance, to dream about Santa Claus bringing gifts wrapped in red wrappers, means love. Likewise, a dream in which you see Santa Claus carrying green wrapped gifts means jealousy.

Most Common Santa Claus Dreams:
Santa Claus on a dirty sledge: This is not a good sign. It means that you will face some humiliations, challenges and tough times in life. The only suggestion to follow is to go smooth and steady. Take every step with patience.
Santa Claus in snow: To dream about a Santa Claus in snow is a sign that the frozen things in life and the tough decisions will finally melt down and show their returns to you. In simple words, it is the moment of joy.
Riding on Santa Claus sledge: This dream indicates that you are the chosen one to enjoy all the liberties and rewards blessed by god. Welcome the positive flow of energy in your life as these dreams are strong indications of the same.

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