Dreams Interpretation - Sandwich

Added: 4 September

It doesn't matter if you are dieting or not, if you are a sandwich lover, you are bound to see it everywhere, even in your dreams. Who doesn't like guilt-free food and what can be a better guilt-free food than a nicely toasted sandwich?
Dreaming of sandwich may depict both, good as well as bad news in life. If you dream of a sandwich, it means that you are loaded with responsibilities, just like all those veggies used to load the sandwich. There's only one thing that you need to do if you see such a dream, try balancing your duties as much as you can.
Dreaming of a sandwich also means your happiness in life. You are extremely happy about all those things and kindnesses that you have done towards the others in your waking life. You have always believed in the concept of Karmas and hence, it is now time for you to be blessed for all the good that you have done to others.
Dreaming of a sandwich may mean that you are unable to take a proper decision in life. You are sandwiched between two people, two different situations or two problems that are interconnected.

A sandwich depicts contentment, guilt-free attitude towards life, helping attitude towards others, responsibilities and duties.
Dreaming of eating a sandwich means that you are taking all the responsibilities on your shoulders in your waking life. The good news is that you are laying off all your duties in the most appropriate manner. Don't worry about the struggles that you are going through. everything is going to be fine soon and you will be blessed for all the good things that you have done for others in your life.
Dreaming of making a sandwich means that you are taking unnecessary stress and responsibilities on your head.

Most Common Sandwich Dreams:
Eating a healthy sandwich - Such a dream means that you have no regrets in your life.
Eating a tasteless sandwich - Such a dream means that you are running away from all of your responsibilities in your waking life.
Selling a sandwich - Someone else is completing the responsibilities on your behalf, if you see such a dream.

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