Dreams Interpretation of Salt

Salt is one of the most essential forms of spices that add taste to anything tasteless. It has a sensible meaning in dreams. Salt is known as the symbol of health, luck and success.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Salt has two sides of coins. One that depicts your family problems and other that depicts your health. Eating salt in dream indicates that a wish will be granted. On the other end, cooking with salt is a sign of recovery.
If a young woman dreams about eating salt, it means that her friend will leave her as the sweetness of the relation is changing its taste. Some people dream about pouring salt in a pot of water. It means that you will enjoy this period of life for the time being.
Dreams which show that you are sprinkling salt on food, means that some people will try to interfere in your personal affairs. It is also a sign to stay alert from them, as they will enjoy digging your past. Burying salt in dreams denote misfortune, grief and sorrows. This dream indicates some sort of quarrels in your life.

Most Common Salt Dreams:
To see Table Salt: Table salt signifies honesty, comfort and modesty. It means that you will be blessed with a few rewards in life and also that people will appreciate your honesty. A crystal clean and pure white table salt indicates that your love relation will not have any scope of cheat or betrayal.
To eat Bread with Salted Butter: This dream signifies contentment. however to a little extent. Perhaps, you may have to do a little buttering to your boss for your promotion. If your dream indicates someone else spreading the salted butter for you, it means that someone else is trying to convince you to get a job done.
To Store Salt in a Jar: Salt also represents medicine, cure, remedy and recovery. Storing salt in a jar is a sign of recovery. Storing good things is a good sign and thus, the dream indicates that you will enjoy good health for a long time.

This is a very positive dream which heralds good luck and success in all areas of life.

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