Dreams Interpretation of Red

Red is the symbol of love, passion and intimacy. On the negative side, red color symbolizes jealousy, rage, violence and anger. The various colors make a big significance in life. It is important that you note down all the factors associated with these colors in your dream.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Every color in your dream reflects a deeper meaning in regard to the real life events. A huge number of people dream about colors. If you specifically dream about color red, it will either bring positive or negative changes in life. Red is either a color of love or a color of warning. The red color on the traffic light asks you to stop. Perhaps, in a dream it could be a warning sign preventing you from taking a wrong step or decision.
Red color dreams indicate passion and intensity to do things. If you are focused and passionate to achieve a goal, the dream is a strong indication that you will get through this mission successfully. However, understanding the context of the dream is of high importance. The role that you played in your dream in relation to these colors will take you closer to a clear picture of your dream. For instance, if you dreamt that a red rose is dying is different than the dream where you would see fresh red roses in a flower bouquet.

Most Common Red Dreams:
Red fireball: To see a red fireball in dream is a sign that something is not right in your life and your tolerance level will any time burst out. The fireball of the revenge is becoming bigger in your mind. Some people often see volcanoes instead of fireballs in dream.
Red roses: To see red roses in dream is a sign that you are looking for passion in your love life. These feelings are wild, intense and intimate. Talking to your partner will help. For singles, it is a sign that love is in the air.
Red carpet: Walking on red carpet in dream is a sign that you will gain popularity and fame in a particular role of your life.

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