Dreams Interpretation of Railway

A railway dream is a symbol of life's journey. It is connected to your past, present and future.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

A person may forget what he has dreamt about. however your subconscious mind never forgets the incidents that have happened in the past. These memories take support of dreams and let you realize what you are feeling from within. For instance, standing on the platform waiting for the train signifies that you are still stuck in the same period of life. Perhaps, you are either not checking the schedule of life properly or simply lazing at the railway station.
Understand the different things that you see in your railway dream. For instance, an isolated railway platform, rusted railway tracks, train waiting at the station, train coming on the platform, etc...
These factors and scenarios signify the various events that have taken place or that may take place in near future. Standing alone on the railway indicates that you are feeling isolated despite the people around you. This could a sign related to boredom or loneliness. On the other end, a train moving is a sign that this period will pass soon and you will enter a new journey of life.

Most Common Railway Dreams:
Broken Railway Tracks: To see broken railway tracks in dream signify failure or loss of hopes. Your past is breaking you from within and you are feeling disappointed from life. Try to understand the other important key factors of a railway station. Perhaps, this may help you to see the good things of life.
To walk on the Tracks: Walking on the railway track in dream conveys lack of focus. Perhaps, you are too lost in your thoughts that you do not realize what is happening around you. This could also be a warning sign to beware of any unexpected incidents that may happen with you. For some time, stay alert and pay attention to what you are doing.
To see Rusted Tracks: This dream indicates that certain things or people in your life are ignored or forgotten. You may have to contact them again and remove the rust from your memories.

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