Dreams Interpretation - Pool

Added: 4 September

Pool is the symbol of freshness, relaxation and cool attitude. Pool dreams have a lot more to say beyond these three symbols.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

To see a pool in dream often indicates that you need to have a cool attitude and understand the feelings of others too. Water is a sign of flexibility and emotions. Thus, the pool water indicates that you need to be flexible in your approach and also allow others to express their feelings.
Pool may either symbolize swimming pool or pool table. It is very important that you get a deeper analysis of your real life situations, so that the dreams are easier to relate to. The depth of the pool indicates your deeper desires and affection towards relationships. A dream about swimming in the pool indicates your stubbornness towards goal achievements. It means that you are a swimmer and will not drown in the life's challenges.
Many people often see an empty pool in their dream. This is a sign of loneliness. Perhaps, the boredom or separation from the social circle has created emptiness in their heart. Take this as an indication to improve your social skills, before it is too late, and avoid sulking in your own emotions.

Most Common Pool Dreams:
Swimming Naked: To dream about swimming naked in the pool indicates your openness and bravery. It means you don't really care or feel conscious about your public appearance as you are confident about yourself.
To Drown in Pool: To dream about drowning in pool indicates that you are sulking within. This is a sign of lack of confidence. The dream also means that you are in a difficult situation at present and are unable to get out of it.
To Swim in Warm Water: The dream in which you swam in warm water of the pool, is a sign of relaxation. Perhaps, you are missing a peaceful time in life. Planning an outing with your partner, family or friends will be helpful in this period. It is also a sign that you may face a situation, which will take away your leisure time.

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