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The meaning of the dream symbol: Penthouse

Added: 3 September

Who would not want to live in a beautiful and luxurious penthouse? If you are someone who wishes to live in such luxury, you are bound to see it in your dreams, quite often. Penthouse is totally beautiful, especially if it is arranged in a proper way.
Dreaming of a penthouse may reveal several things about you. From your creative aspects to the spiritual ones, such a dream expresses how strong you are from within. All you've got to do is pay attention to all the details in such a dream and relate it to your present times.
Dreaming of a penthouse means that you are an extremely creative person in your waking life. No matter how lame or monotonous you try to be, it is not in your nature to be same for a long period of time. You keep changing things quickly to enjoy every aspect of your life, which is not a very bad thing.
Dreaming of a penthouse means that you are moving forward in your life, forgetting all those hurtful things that have happened in the past. It also means that you don't want to hold grudges against anyone now.

A penthouse represents luxury, richness, affordability, creativity, spiritualistic attributes and also greediness.
Dreaming of living in a penthouse without being happy about it means that you are being too naïve and greedy in your waking life. The worst is that you just don't want to be satisfied with the good things that you have already achieved in your life.
Dreaming of living in a messed up penthouse means that you are unable to use the creative side of you, no matter how hard you try for it. this can be the main reason behind your frustration in your waking life.

Most Common Penthouse Dreams:
Living in a beautiful penthouse - Such a dream means that you are able to express your creativity and full potentiality in your waking life.
Burning penthouse - Such a dream means that you have given up on your creativity because people have not valued you in their lives.
Broken penthouse - Such a dream means that you are ignoring your passion for creativity.