Dreams Interpretation of Peacock

Peacock is one of the most colorful birds gifted by nature. It symbolizes the vibrant nature, birth and happiness in life. Peacock is known as a good omen.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

A peacock's feathers can fascinate any person who sees it. The beauty of this colorful bird can attract anyone who even watches it on the TV. It brings happiness, luck and a better future. To dream of a peacock means you will have good luck and success.
Note down a few things about your peacock dream such as.
- Was the peacock dancing?
- Did you see a dead peacock?
- Did you see many peacocks?
- Did you hear a peacock?
- Did you own a peacock in your dream?
- Did you receive a peacock as a gift?
These questions will you with a closer and deeper dream analysis. There are various factors, which will consider your current situations in your dreams. These factors could be related to. beauty, contentment, curiosity, shock, happiness, excitement and entertainment. Peacock dreams are also related to women fertility and child birth. Dreaming about a peacock means you will hear good news about conceiving a baby.

Most Common Peacock Dreams:
To Dream about Many Peacocks: This is a sign of good luck. The dream signifies many opportunities coming your way. Dreaming about many peacocks is also associated with monetary benefits. It shows that you will become financial wealthy.
To Dream about Killing a Peacock: This is a bad omen. It means some harm to your property and financial gains. Take this as a sign of danger as there could be a sign of robbery in any of your financial accounts. These are also signs of downfall in business. It is a critical phase and you will need to act very confidently in handling such situation.
To be scared of a Peacock: If you found yourself being scared of a peacock in dream, it means you are hiding from your responsibilities. You have the potential for being successful in life. however you are not interested in putting your efforts.

This warns against conceit and excessive pride.

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