Dreams Interpretation of Paella

Paella is what brings the entire family close. It is not something that can be eaten or finished by a single person solely, since it is that Spanish dish that is served in a huge pan. When such a large dish is made, everybody sits together to eat it.
Dreaming of Paella depicts one thing the most - you are missing your family terribly. You may have got a new family right now with you, with your wife and kids, but you are missing your parents and your siblings. You are probably missing all those good games that you played as a little kid.
Dreaming of chicken Paella means that you wish to go back to your childhood and spend time with all those you once loved the most. As we grow, we tend to forget all those people, who once meant the most to us. This is one of the reasons why we step into the house of our parents only on Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you dream of eating Paella, you've got to pay a visit to your parents and see the smiles on their faces when you enter the doorstep of their house.

Paella represents family, hunger, greediness and big news.
If you dream of making Paella for guests, it means that some big news is going to come into your life soon. You've got to be prepared for this news, since it would surely bring some major change to your life.
Dreaming of making Paella with your partner means that you are happy with the family that you have at the moment and the way in which you are raising your kids. Don't be afraid of the little arguments. fights are bound to happen when you live with a few other people under the same roof!

Most Common Paella Dreams:
Hogging on paella - Such a dream means that you are being greedy about the things in your life. This may put you into trouble in the coming time.
Spoiled or rotten paella - Such a dream means that a lot of arguments are going to take place in your family.
Throwing away paella - Such a dream means that you don't like someone in your family as he has done something wrong to you.

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