Dreams Interpretation of Orange

Orange is both, a fruit as well as a color. This color is developed by mixing red and yellow, which are again the two most harmonious and passionate colors in the palette of an artist.
Interpretation of the orange dream depends on what you see in your dream - the fruit or the color. If you dream of an orange fruit, you've got to remember that the fruit is always tangy, yet quite refreshing.
Dreaming of an orange depicts the current situation in your waking life. If you are going through a hard time and you dream of eating a tasty orange, your problem is going to resolve on its own. You may feel like there's no hope at the moment, but after a few days, everything is going to be completely normal.
Dreaming of eating a tasteless orange means lack of excitement in life. You have a good life, but you are looking for something else. This is not the life that you want to live because you are a thrill loving person and you look for much more from yourself.
Dreaming of the color depicts happiness. If you follow the preaching of Hindu religion, orange color depicts your lack of interest in the materialistic needs, since most of the pious individuals belonging to this religion are seen in orange clothes.

Orange represents lack of interest in materialism, spiritualism, happiness, need for excitement, creativity and love and passion.
While red depicts passion, yellow depicts friendship. If you are single and you dream of orange color, it may mean that you are falling in love with one of your close friends. Do love birds dance around your head when you see him?
Dreaming of eating juicy and tasty oranges means rejuvenation. You may take a break from your work and go out on vacation.

Most Common Orange Dreams:
Pile of oranges - If you see a pile of oranges in your dream, you lack interest at work. You've had enough of vacation, get back to work!
Painting with orange color - Love is surely on its way, along with happiness, if you see such a dream.
Wearing orange - You are discovering your spiritual side, if you see such a dream.

Eating or seeing an orange in a dream suggests a significant improvement in one's lifestyle.

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