Dreams Interpretation of Onion

Onion has many layers. Whenever you cut an onion, you get tears in your eyes. Yet, in most of the dishes, from Italian pizza to Chinese noodles, onion is a must. Unless you use onions in your dish, you are unable to get that perfect flavor for your food.
Onion dreams are not very common. If you see onions in your dream, it indicates layered emotions and mood swings. Just like you have watery eyes when you cut an onion, even if you are in a nice and happy mood, you are going through different emotions and moods in your waking life, if you dream of an onion.
At once, you may feel happy about something in your life, but the very next moment, you may lose interest in it. Try meditating and balancing your mind. You really need to have a good control on your emotions, if you see piled up onions in your dream. Sometimes, life is really bad, but that doesn't mean you must forget to live!
Onions make you cry. you may have some memories in your life that make you cry. It is okay to remember those memories at times, but stop succumbing to them.

An onion represents tears, memories, layers, disguises, evil spirits and jealousy.
If you see someone cutting an onion and making you cry, it means that the person is extremely jealous of you in the waking life. This person can be anyone - from your friend to an ordinary hi-hello' colleague. just be away from him!
If you see yourself cutting an onion, you are giving your best to go deeper into your current situation. You are trying to judge someone, probably someone who has proposed to you or asked you out on a date. but before you say yes, you are trying your best to know everything about him to be sure.

Most Common Onion Dreams:
Juggling with onions - If you juggle onions in your dream, it indicates terrible mood swings.
Eating onions - Someone is trying to send evil spirits towards you, but you are protected by your guardian angels, since garlics are replaced by onions, at times, to keep the evil spirits away.
Peeling an onion - If you dream of taking the onion skin off, either you are going to be exposed in front of others or you will expose someone else. mostly, the latter.

This is an indication of difficulties, economic concerns, fear of losses. Peeling an onion symbolizes renewed efforts to try and achieve a coveted objective.

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