Dreams Interpretation of Ocean

Water dreams are serene. You feel beautiful when you see a calm water body. There is absolutely no one in this world who doesn't like staring at the ocean, especially when there are silent and calm waves rising and stretching themselves against the golden particles of sand.
Before I interpret the ocean dreams for you, it is necessary for you to know some things - oceans are not only wide, but also deep. a woman's heart is also known as an ocean (as deep as the depth of this water body). an ocean is generally aqua blue in color, which is the color of peace and calmness.
Dreaming of a blue colored ocean depicts peace and harmony in life. If you see a calm blue colored ocean, it means that your problems have finally settled down. There is absolutely nothing that you need to be worried about, anymore, because life is taking a new turn and you are going to be happy about how things move in the coming time.
Dreaming of swimming in a deep ocean means that there are a lot of things currently going on in your mind, yet, you are simply flowing with the time. If you are happy in this dream, it is better for you to continue with the same go with the time attitude!

An ocean represents a woman's heart, secrets, mystical creatures, aquatic plants and animals, calmness, flow, ups and downs in life and mysterious deaths.
If you dream of drowning in an ocean, you are sick of your life. You are trying your level best to control the things, but they are going out of your hands. In the end, you may have to surrender.
Dreaming of a calm ocean represents the peace in your life.

Most Common Ocean Dreams:
High tides - You are going through the toughest phase in your life, if you dream of high tides in an ocean.
Moonlight dancing on the ocean surface - If you dream of sitting near an ocean at night, it means that you are lingering over your past and memories.
Aquatic creatures - If you dream of happily swimming with different aquatic creatures in the ocean, you are going to have an amazing time at work or with your friends.

This signifies a desire for a new beginning, or for withdrawal and inner contemplation. A calm sea and a clear horizon represent a rosy future. a stormy sea predicts imminent danger.

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