Dreams Interpretation of Nicki Minaj

About Nicki Minaj:
Nicki Minaj is a beautiful rapper, singer, actress and song-writer who is known for the kinds of works she has been doing in the industry since quite some time now. She is also known for the way she carries herself at different events and award functions. She is popular for the kinds of colorful costumers she wears, along with makeup and wigs that complement her looks. She has given several hit numbers to the music world.

2016 Forecast:
Sagittarians are going to find it hard to cope up with their personal lives this year, especially with their partners. No matter what they do or how hard they try, they won't be able to win the trusts of their partners or see their future with them.

Nicki is going to have a hard time managing her relationship this year, particularly because of her stressful work and her attitude of self-dependency. Believe it or not - most of the guys want their girls to earn less or equal to what they earn and not more than what they get in their hands by the end of week or month. Even if she has a secret relationship, she will find it difficult to keep it hidden because of the raising arguments that will arise due to her hectic schedule.

Most of the Sagittarians are going to find it difficult to take out time for their partners this year because of their tight schedules. Nicki may also try giving up on some of her tours or shootings, but in the end, it won't work. However, I can't comment whether her relationship will break or she will continue with it, since it depends on how well her partner is able to handle it with her.2016 is going to be strenuous in terms of work and career for Nicki. No doubt she will get more recognition and appreciations for the kind of works she would perform this year, but it is going to be a tough one. She may also have to give all of herself to her career to make it all-the-more ravishing in the industry.

Talking of family life, Nicki will be drawn closer to her loved ones. She may ask for some sorts of advices from her family, but in the end, she will do what she feels is right. This year is also the best year for career change for the Sagittarians so there is a chance for Nicki to draw her attention to another field, than music or acting. If she works hard and discovers some of her new talents, she will succeed in whatever she works for.

Life is going to seem all jumbled up like a jigsaw puzzle for Nicki in 2016, but by the end of the year, she will have a clearer view of what she wants, how she wants it and how she can actually get it in her life.

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