Dreams Interpretation of Mickey Mouse

Who can possibly forget this beautiful character that has always been close to the hearts of all the kids! From the times I remember, I have always been fond of this cartoon. I am now an adult. I still enjoy watching Mickey Mouse dancing on my television screen.
Dreaming of Mickey Mouse surely means one thing - you miss your childhood. We all are so busy in our lives that we tend to forget the little things that bring joy to us. we forget the importance of little smiles and hunt for bigger laughter, unknowing the fact that little moments are also valuable and dear.
Dreaming of Mickey Mouse means magic in your waking life. It means that something different and unique is going to happen to you soon and you must keep patience for it. If you are going through a hard time in life and you dream of happy Mickey Mouse, stay calm in your waking life, for this bad time is going to transform itself and turn into the best time of your life.
Dreaming of this cute character also depicts love in your waking life, especially if you see him with his girlfriend, Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse depicts happiness, uniqueness, little joy, childhood, kids, love, contentment and anger.
Dreaming of an angry Mickey Mouse depicts your nature in your waking life. you easily get frustrated. If you are a short-tempered person, you are bound to get such dreams often. Try keeping yourself as calm as possible, for the sake of your own self.
Dreaming of fighting with Mickey Mouse means that you are terribly missing your childhood. How about taking a break from everything and meeting your parents and siblings this weekend?

Most Common Mickey Mouse Dreams:
Seeing yourself as Mickey Mouse - If you are entertaining others in your dream, it means that you are a very jolly person in your waking life and people love your presence.
Killing Mickey Mouse - You have purposely stopped socializing and enjoying life, if you see such a dream.
Crying Mickey Mouse - The child in you wants to come out and do different things, but you are suppressing him inside of you, if you see such a dream.

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