Dreams Interpretation of Meditation

When you meditate, you come closer to yourself. There is absolutely no emotion that you feel when you are meditating. if you practice it regularly, you reach the stage of not coming back to the materialistic world. Meditation is one of the most beautiful things we all are blessed with. Yet, not a lot of people are into this practice.
Dreaming of meditating is the most spiritualistic dream you would ever get in your life. To dream of meditating in an open area or in the midst of mother earth depicts your passion towards yourself. You are attuned with your higher self and know where you stand in your waking life.
Dreaming of mediating near a flowing waterfall depicts your need to meet your own self in life. You are tired of all those efforts that you have put in to reach success in life. to a certain extent, you are content as well that you tried doing your best. now, you are least bothered about whether you will be rewarded for your efforts or not. you have achieved the stage of contentment.
Dreaming of meditating alone means that your conscience supports all that you do.

Meditation depicts spiritualism, your connection with yourself, your bond with God or Higher Self, your beliefs and also detachment from materialistic needs and desires.
Dreaming of meditating means that you are an extremely peace-loving person and try avoiding situations that lead you to problems or fights in your waking life.
Dreaming of not being able to meditate means that you have not forgiven yourself for something wrong that you have done in your past. Such a dream is an indication to let go of all those things that you have held yourself guilty for. The moment you realize something, you are forgiven by the Divine Spirit.

Most Common Meditation Dreams:
Mediating with someone else - Your bond with that person is going to strengthen in your life, if you dream of yourself meditating with a known person.
Mediating with a stranger - Such a dream means that you are going to discover something new in your life. This would bring a positive change.
Meditating peacefully on top of a hill - Such a dream means that your conscience is happy with the way you are leading your life.

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