Dreams Interpretation of Lizard

A lizard is said to be a witch's best friend. Generally, most of the women fear this creature because it is scary and stares right into your eyes.
Dreaming of a lizard is not a very positive one, unless there are some special interpretations attached to it. A lizard can be dangerous and when it crawls on your skin, it makes you feel itchy and creepy.
If you dream of a lizard, it means that some sort of danger is going to surround you soon. You must keep your eyes open to see the behaviors of others around you, especially women. There may be someone who is trying to put you down in the crowd. This person may not be your enemy, but a friend, who is not very happy with your success.
If you see a scary lizard in your dream, it is a sign of danger. Something bad is on its way and you must be very careful about your moves. Some of your enemies may be planning something really big against you, especially at work.

A lizard represents fear, danger, creepiness, witch's attack or ill motives of a woman, cruelty and betrayal.
Dreaming of a lizard is positive only when you see yourself catching it or killing it. If you see yourself stomping the lizard, it means that you are going to win against your enemies. No matter how hard they try to pull you down, you are going to prosper in your life.
If you dream of a lizard standing still on the wall, staring at you, it depicts a woman's ill intentions against you. Someone has either approached a witch to defeat you or is a witch all by herself.

Most Common Lizard Dreams:
Lizard biting - If you dream of a lizard biting you, one of your enemies is going to defeat you terribly.
Monstrous lizard - If you dream of a big or monstrous lizard, it means that the problem that you are currently facing is a very small one, but you are making an issue out of nothing at all.
Petting a lizard - If you dream of petting a lizard, it means that either you are going to be friends with one of your enemies, or you already know which enemy is under the disguise of a friend.

This is a warning that a person with bad intentions is conspiring against the dreamer, and he should be careful.

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