Dreams Interpretation of Lemon

Even though there are many people, who consume lemons every day to stay healthy, maintain their weight and rejuvenate themselves, lemons are sour and, if they didn't have all those benefits, you would've never consumed them.
Dreaming of a lemon may indicate different things, but it is generally not a very positive one for the dreamer.
If you dream of a lemon, it means that your life has recently turned sour. You may have tried your level best to control everything and stick to your relationship, as much as you could, but there are many complications taking birth in the same.
Dreaming of a lemon is also a hint of your unhappiness in a relationship. Either you are not happy or your partner isn't. It is a message from your conscience to sit with your partner and discuss about how to make it work or how to end it forever, to help you live a better and peaceful life.
Dreaming of a lemon is also a sign of your health. If you dream of drinking lemon, it means that you are going to achieve good health in life. but the taste of this lemon should be good in the dream.

A lemon represents freshness, health, maintenance, fitness, sourness and ill health as well.
If you dream of squeezing a lemon, it indicates financial loss. But this can be avoided. It is a sign from your conscience to be more careful about all the money that you are currently spending. Try looking at different things around you and think before you invest in any one of them.
Dreaming of drinking a tasty lemon indicates good health. If you have been going through an illness, you are going to recover soon. Also, if you have been trying to lose weight and you drink lemon juice in your dream, it means that you are losing weight quickly.

Most Common Lemon Dreams:
Drinking bitter lemon juice - Dreaming of drinking bitter lemon juice means that some illness is going to hit you soon.
Gifting lemon to someone else - Such a dream may mean that you are doing something wrong with that person in your waking life.
Cutting lemon - Such a dream means that you are going through a sour relationship.

This signifies despair resulting from a great love for and disappointment in one's partner.

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