Dreams Interpretation of Lasagne

Lasagne is the oldest type of pasta that exists even till now. A lot of people like the tangy taste of this food, since it tastes good and helps them satisfied their thirst for spicy food. Only those, with an excellent diet or appetite, can finish the entire lasagne.
Dreaming of lasagne is generally a good sign, unless the dish is spoilt or doesn't taste good enough to delight your tongue. If you dream of lasagne, it means that you have a strong appetite in life. when I say appetite, I mean you crave for more things in your life.
Even though you have a lot of things in your hands already, you are not satisfied with your life. You dream to have more and more and have a better future, if you dream of this dish.
If you dream of eating lasagne alone, it means that you have a lot of desires n your heart. Don't be happy about it - these desires are going to make you pay big time. If you have already unleashed your desires and want more than ever before in your life, it is time for you to put a full-stop on them and be more disciplined in life.

Lasagne represents sexual desires, lack of satisfaction, greediness, uncountable responsibilities and lust.
Dreaming of making lasagne means that you have a lot of responsibilities in your life. Lasagne is made with a lot of layers and hence it depicts that you are laying off a lot of duties. If the lasagne you make tastes good in your dream, it means that you are taking care of all of your responsibilities in the most efficient manner.
Dreaming of eating lasagne uncontrollably means that you are an extremely greedy person or are being greedy about something in your waking life.

Most Common Lasagne Dreams:
Throwing lasagne - You are not completing your tasks in the correct manner, if you throw lasagne in your dreams.
Eating a small portion of lasagne - Seeing such a dream means that you have put a full-stop to your greediness or your desires in your waking life.
Gulping down lasagne without chewing it properly - Such a dream means that your greediness is going to lead you to a lot of problems in the coming time.

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