Dreams Interpretation - Knife

Added: 4 September

A knife is generally taken as a very negative symbol, especially when you see it in a dream. However, there are times when a knife represents positive emotional changes as well.
Dreaming of a knife indicates your emotional traumas. If you dream of a knife, it indicates that you are going through a very emotional phase in your life. Either you are feeling overly sentimental about something or someone or you have recently lost a loved one (to the hands of death) due to which you are unable to cope up with the passing time.
Being emotional is not bad, but if you constantly dream of knife or knives, you must pause your emotions for a while, go on a vacation and relax yourself no matter how bad the time seems. Even if you don't have anybody in your life to take you out, do it all by yourself, because you need it!
Dreaming of a knife also indicates enemies or friends that use harsh words to backbite against you. You may not be aware of such friends, but they do exist. Try focusing on the face of who holds the knife in your dream and what exactly he does.

A knife represents separation, cutting off something that you are holding on to (from a long time), anger, jealousy, frustration and also disguised enemies.
Dreaming of a knife indicates something that you are holding on to. probably a relationship that you know won't work for a long period of time. If this is the case in your waking life, your conscience is telling you to let go of such a stressful relationship.

Most Common Knife Dreams:
Dreaming of being stabbed in the stomach - If you dream of being stabbed in the stomach, your enemy is trying to put you down or is making plans to harm you.
Dreaming of being stabbed in the back - Such a dream indicates an enemy under the disguise of a friend.
Dreaming of stabbing yourself with the knife - If you dream of stabbing yourself with the knife, you hold yourself guilty for a broken relationship or to hurt someone you really love.

Dreaming about a knife is usually a warning. Any type of knife can only mean bad times: domestic quarrels, lack of understanding, violent outbursts and fears.

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