Dreams Interpretation of Jewelry

Jewelry is a sign of creativity and beauty. It also represents something valuable. Jewelry dreams have a lot to speak about women.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Jewelry is a status symbol and reflects affection about someone. For instance, a man gifting jewelry to his wife represents his affection and love towards her. Giving jewelry to someone represents your financial well-being and status. It also signifies the other person's value in your life.
Buying jewelry for self is a desire to look beautiful. It also reflects your valuable things. On the personal side, jewelry reflects honor and self-respect. There are a few scenarios that you may see in your dream of jewelry. For instance, dreaming about keeping expensive jewelry is a sign of the security of your property. Plan to keep your valuables in a safe place.
To dream about hiding your jewelry is an indication of theft or loss. Be careful while traveling with jewelry. You may likely suffer from a robbery while traveling. The best thing to prevent this scenario is to avoid wearing expensive jewelry on your travel. Receiving jewelry as a gift is a sign of contentment. It means someone will show affection and love towards you.

Most Common Jewelry Dreams:
To Carry a Bag of Gold: To dream about carrying a bagful of gold is a sign of being rich. The dream states that you will live a rich life and make amazing transactions with regard to money in business. Be happy about this fact and word towards your monetary aims.
To Buy Pearl Jewelry: Pearl is one of the precious stones found in a shell. A pearl jewelry in dream reflects that you have finally broken all the barriers of life and come out of you shell. You have a much better life waiting for you ahead.
To Make Jewelry: To dream of making your own jewelry signifies your hard earned efforts in becoming rich. This is also a sign that you will soon start making money and jewelry for your life's property as well as security. Start enjoying the reward of your efforts.

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