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The meaning of the dream symbol: Jellyfish

Added: 4 September

Jellyfish dreams are related to inner fears. They signify aggression and symbolize hurtful memories.There are different emotional scenarios in which people may dream of a jellyfish.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

A jellyfish dream denotes a person's aggressive nature. Those who have a habit of imposing things on others may dream about jellyfish. A dream in which you are beaten by a jellyfish may mean that you are suffering fromlow self-esteem. Realize what is bothering you within and preventing you from expressing yourself.

Jellyfish dreams are also signs that you must stand up for yourself and for your rights. If you consider the qualities of jellyfish, these are beautiful andscary at the same time. Theirphysical structure is graceful, attractive and appealing. It means that you must concentrate on your physical appearanceand learn to attract people towards you.

Water animals are usually calm unless they are threatened. Similarly, the dreams may expect you to behave patiently and raise your voice only when the situation demands. There could be various scenarios related to jellyfish dreams such as.
- attacked by a jellyfish
- trapped in the pool of jellyfish
- playing with jellyfish
- to see jellyfish glowing in the dark night
- eating a jellyfish
- Cooking a jellyfish, etc…

Most Common Jellyfish Dreams:
To eat a jellyfish: To eat a jellyfish in dream signifies that you wish to be powerful. The dream also denotes that you wish to gain the attention and become more attractive than others. Your target can be achievedby following right ethics.

To get attacked by a jellyfish: The dream signifies that someone is trying to rule over you and put you under pressure. You will have to learn to defeat your competitor and do not get distracted from the competition.

To get trapped by jellyfish in a pool: A dream in which you are surrounded or trapped by jellyfish in a pool is a sign of danger. It means there are many people who are jealous of you. This is the time to behave stronger and clever. You will need to learn to deal with your opponents