Interpretation of iris symbolism

Iris is a flower that has been used as a symbol in various cultures throughout history, and the symbolism can vary widely depending on the context. Some common symbolic meanings of iris include:
Faith, Hope and Wisdom: The iris is the flower of the Greek goddess Iris, messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow. She was considered a symbol of faith, hope and wisdom.
Royalty and Power: The iris is also associated with royalty and power. In ancient Egypt, the iris was a symbol of the pharaohs, and was often depicted in tomb paintings.
Courage and Inspiration: Iris is a symbol of courage and inspiration. It was said to give the courage to face challenges and to inspire creativity.
Immortality and Eloquence: In the language of flowers, iris is often associated with immortality and eloquence. It is said to represent the eloquence and communication skills, and a reminder that our words and actions can have a lasting impact.
Loyalty and Faithfulness: Iris is also associated with loyalty and faithfulness. It is said to represent the bond of love and trust, and to remind us of the importance of being true to our word and to our promises.
Healing and Serenity: Iris is also believed to have healing properties, it is said to have the power to soothe the soul and to bring serenity and peace to the mind.
It's also worth noting that different colors of iris can have different meanings. Blue iris represents hope and faith, yellow iris represents passion and white iris symbolizes purity and innocence.

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