Interpretation of dove symbolism

Doves are often associated with peace, love, and purity. They are known for their gentle nature and their white color, and are often seen as symbols of innocence, hope, and the presence of a higher power.
In many cultures, doves are also associated with the idea of love and fidelity. They are also seen as symbols of the Holy Spirit, and as messengers of God. They are also associated with the concepts of purity, sacrifice and the renewal of life.
Some specific examples of dove symbolism include:
Christianity: Doves are often associated with the Holy Spirit and are seen as a symbol of peace, love and purity.
Greek mythology: Doves are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.
Judaism: The dove is a symbol of the spirit of God and the peace that He brings.
Native American cultures: Doves are seen as symbols of renewal and the return of life.
It's worth noting that the meaning and symbolism of the dove can vary depending on the culture and context in which it is used.

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