Dreams Interpretation of Hookah

Hookah is not something that everybody has tried. In fact, even when people try it, there are only a handful of them who really like it. It doesn't matter what flavor your try, unless you have that thing in you to like hookah, you simply refuse smoking it.
Dreaming of hookah may represent a lot of things going on in your life. When you smoke hookah in your dream, try remembering what kind of a mood you are in. If you are relaxing on a beach and smoking hookah, you are going through a relaxed phase in your waking life.
Dreaming of an unused hookah may mean that you are unable to find peace in life, even though you have achieved a lot of good things. All your hard work is paid off, but you are not happy with the things that are going on around you.
Dreaming of smoking hookah in anxiety or stress may mean that you are at the end of your sufferings. Generally, smoking hookah is a good sign in a dream, especially if you are enjoying and relieving your stress in doing so.

Hookah represents anxiety, relaxation, stress, relief, sufferings and peace in life.
Dreaming of offering hookah to someone means that you are a mean of providing peace to that person in your life. If you offer hookah to a friend, it may mean that he is going to need you for something in his life, soon. If you offer help to him in your waking life, you would help him get rid of his stress and provide immense peace.
Dreaming of breaking hookah means that you are frustrated with the things going on in your life. You have tried your best to come out of your problems, but are just not able to struggle anymore.

Most Common Hookah Dreams:
Smoking hookah - Such a dream depicts the relaxed phase in your life. You are at utmost peace.
Making loops smoking hookah - Such a dream means that you are making good plans in your waking life.
Smoking hookah from someone else's hand - Such a dream means that you depend on someone else for your happiness and peace.

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