Dreams Interpretation of Happiness

The first thing that comes in your mind the moment you see the word happiness is the feeling of being happy. The happiness dreams are associated with emotions.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Before you proceed to read, make your mind stable that dreams related to happiness may not always relate to good news. Happiness in dreams may also be a sign that you are missing good times and the feeling of being happy.
Your happy dreams can let you realize what exactly you are missing in life. Crying out of happiness in dreams indicate the feeling of satisfaction through your hardships. These are also signs that you are much stressed and you either need to release it out of your system by crying or by remaining happy.
Seeing yourself happy in your dream may also be a sign that you wish to be happy. however, in reality you are sad. It is important to note who is happy in your dream. Some people also see strange faces that are happy. They may be your opponents, who are smiling at your struggles and sorrows.

Most Common Happiness Dreams:
Stranger Feeling Happy: Beware, someone is really happy to see you cry. This person is not happy to see you stress free. Check the number of people who come to see your pain and those who are interested to see you smile. Make friends wisely.
Family Happy: This dream indicates that you are missing the happiness within the family. It could be due to the lack of time given by you. Try to dedicate more time to each and every family member. Do not let the clouds of stress stay longer in your family. These sorrows will increase the sadness, resulting into quarrels and disputes within the family.
Happiness from a Recovery: If you dreamt of happiness after a long time in your dream, it is a sign that you have managed to forget your sorrows. This dream also signifies that you have come out of the pain of a loved one's death. Take a break and relax for some time.

Contrary to what it seems, dreaming of happiness forecasts times of hardship and danger, particularly at the workplace.

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