Dreams Interpretation of Halloween

Halloween is related to tricking and treating. People hide their real faces behind costumes and haunt others by their fake qualities or appearances. Thus, these dreams signify temporary personalities in your life, death and other things hidden from you.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams

Halloween dreams may haunt and scare you. Sometimes, the images maybe related to people or ghosts who come there on a purpose in your life. Dreaming of Halloween signify your inner fears about certain situations in life. For instance, the humiliations or insult caused by others.
These dreams are negative and bring negative news in life. It means that some people in your life will bring negativity and it will make you feel sick. On the other side, Halloween dreams also signify the fear from certain people in your life. This fear could be of your enemy, teacher or boss at work.
Seeing a familiar person or a loved one in dream dressed in Halloween costume denotes two things. This person will either treat you or trick you for fun in the coming days. Consider the reasons and excuses of this dream to have occurred in your life. Find out if you are fearful of someone or about something.

Most Common Halloween Dreams:
To See a Loved One in Halloween Costume: A dream in which you saw a loved one dressed in Halloween costume means that he wishes to spend some childhood memories with you. A simple treat or trick may help to bring closer this bonding.
To See Pumpkin: A dream that shows pumpkin means that you will receive positive results despite all the nightmares. The light in the pumpkin depicts that you must not lose hopes even in the worst of your nightmares. Pumpkin is a good omen and indicates profit in many cases.
To See Bats: To see bats in your Halloween dreams indicate that you may blindly trust someone or may do things blindly without thinking much about the consequences. Take this as a hint that you need to evaluate things before blindly acting. Bats are active at night and so, your dream signifies that you may have sleepless nights.

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